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Thinking about joining band in high school? The Forest High School Band has a place for YOU! We hope you’ll explore our web site to learn more about our band program and everything we do that makes us unique. We have put together this page to help you reach an informed decision about making band a part of your high school experience.


Why Band?

If you ask most current band students, they will probably tell you they couldn’t imagine what high school would have been like without having been in band. High school band is more than just playing your instrument, it’s more than a class, and it’s more than a big group of friends. It’s an opportunity to be a valuable part of an organization that is committed to showcasing incredible musical talent, serving as musical representatives of Forest High School and doing all this while having a great time with your closest friends. Not to mention, band teaches you valuable personal skills like self-discipline and time management in a way that almost no other high school course can. It’s a great learning experience that just happens to be a lot of FUN as well!


Frequently Asked Student Questions

You will probably find some of your questions or concerns about being in band are very similar to some of same things we get asked most often. We’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Student Questions and their answers for you to find out more. See the FAQ for more info.


Band and Your Future

We are proud to be a part of Forest High School, where our academics, athletics, and all of our extra-curricular activities are very successful and strong. When you graduate, you will be a well-rounded person that has much to offer in your college or professional career as well as having developed a skill that you can enjoy for years to come whether you decide to pursue music as a career or just a hobby.


Still Not Convinced? Still Have Questions?

If you still would like more information or have additional questions you would like answered, feel free to email Mr. Jones. He will either answer your question, or if you would like, put you in touch with one of our students that can answer your question from their point of view. There are no dumb questions, so feel free to ask away!

Don’t forget to explore the rest of our web site using the links on this page. You will find a lot more information about our band just by taking a look around!



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