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*How do I join Band?

First you must register as a student with Forest High School. Next you should get in contact with the band director, Mr. Jones ( He can then help you register for the appropriate classes to get you started in Band at FHS. You can also register online with use using the form on the New Members Page.

* How much time does band take?

Band meets each day before school (7:30am-8:25am).  After school, band practices 2 days per week during marching season with percussion having 1 additional separate rehearsal each week.  In the spring we  have a few evening rehearsals to allow for guest conductors and other to come work with our band.  There are also several competitions and other events on Saturdays throughout the year. A Calendar for the year will be passed out the 1st day of school and is available under the members resources page.


* Will I be able to participate in other activities?

Yes.  Band students are active in a variety of activities including athletics, theater, ROTC, EMIT, CCAP, Culinary Arts, student government, and special interest clubs.


* Will band interfere with AP or Honors courses that I want to take?

Definitely not.  Band students are highly involved in the AP program at FHS, including our CCAP program, and are some of the best and brightest students including several Valedictorians. Currently, over 60% of our band members are also in the CCAP Program. Since Band meets during zero period, it does not interfere with any scheduled classes.


* Why FHS and not one of the other school Bands?

The FHS Band Program offers many of the same great opportunities and award winning ensembles that other local programs offer. Plus here at FHS, students who have transferred in agree that we emphasize a focus on the Individual Musician and make them feel a part of the family, something that they did not feel they got when a part of some other programs.


* Is there a Fee to be in Band?

As with each Band Program, there is a fee assessed to each student to cover our basic operating costs (assessments fees, uniforms, travel, etc). Currently the fee for the FHS Band is $325 for the year, one of the lower band fees in the county, and is due in Full by December 1st. But don’t let that frighten you off, Our Band Booster Organization works very hard to ensure that there is ample opportunity to fundraise throughout the year. Many students have their entire fee paid through fundraising opportunities. For incoming Freshmen, there is a $90 deposit that is due by June 1st.  More information regarding fees and payment options are discussed at the first parent meeting of the year. If you have questions regarding this, please feel free to contact the Band Director for further information.


* Can I still sign up after the June 1st deadline?

Yes, but a spot in our show is not guaranteed after this date as we have to have finalized numbers for our drill writer in June. Students that sign up after June 1st are welcome to participate in band and will be placed into the show IF spots become available or may participate as an alternate. Band Camp is still mandatory for students registering after June 1st. after June 1st the Fee is $100. 


* Do I play well enough to be in high school band?

Yes, there is a place in band for students of all abilities. While HS band is geared more toward students who have had 2-3 years of playing experience, we have had very successful students who have had a year or less experience. If you are willing to work and do you part, there is a place for you.


*Are there Auditions to be in the FHS Band?

Some sections such as percussion and the Emerald WAVE Colorguard require and audition/tryout. The other sections of the band are open to any student. Emerald WAVE Auditions are the last week of April from 3:30pm-6pm at FHS. Contact Mr Jones for details in info.  The Percussion audition must be scheduled with Mr. Jones, the Band Director, or our percussion instructor individually prior to or during the summer. Jazz Band and Combo also require auditions, please contact Mr. Jones for details.


* What is Band Camp and is it Mandatory?

Band Camp is the opportunity to begin learning the Basics of Marching Band. At Camp we learn our Show Music, Drill and many of our stands tunes for the year.  As we usually begin performing the first week of school, Band camp is necessary for us the learn the skills that we need to put on a good performance right away. In the one week of camp, we generally accomplish 3-4 weeks worth of work. So it is very important that all Band Members attend.


* When is Band Camp?

Our Band Camp is always the last full week in July. Band camp this year, due to repairs in the auditorium, will be July 29th-Aug 2nd from 8am-5pm at Forest High School.



*Do I have to be in the Marching Band to be a member of the Band at FHS?

We firmly believe that, in developing well rounded musicians, it is important to be able to experience all aspects that music can be presented in. All members of the FHS band participate in both the Marching and Concert Bands. While it may seem a bit intimidating at first, this is the aspect of band that a large number of our members look forward to the most every year and not only does it build good performance fundamentals, it also builds on aspects of teamwork, friendship, and character.


*What does the Band Program at FHS Consist of?

We have several component parts to our band program

-Marching Band (Marching Wildcats)

-Concert Band

-Jazz Band (by Audition or Director recommendation)

-Sax Ensemble (CATaclysm Sax Quartet- by audition only)

-Clarinet Choir

-Various Small Ensembles as skill and instrumentation allows

-Emerald W.A.V.E. (Wildcat Artistic Visual Ensemble)- performs as part of the Marching Band in the Fall Semester, and then an individual Winterguard in the Spring Semester

-Percussion Ensemble


*What Classes should I take?

All Band Students should register for Band I-IV (Zero Period) while Guard Members should register for Eurhythmics I-IV. Percussion students will be placed in our percussion class (Instrumental Ensemble) if their academic schedule allows for it. It is recommended that if you are new to high school band, you should register for Instrumental Techniques in addition to Band I as this is a class that is designed to bridge the gap between Middle School and High School Band. Students interested in the Jazz Band must sign-up for Jazz Ensemble.


* Are there opportunities to be recognized for doing well?

Yes, there is All-District, All-County, All-State, Solo & Ensemble, as well as student leadership positions such as section leader, officers, and Drum Major. There are also several performance opportunities that arise throughout the year in which the Band Director can select outstanding performers to participate. There are also awards given out to students at the end of the year for outstanding work. (see the Handbook for more details on these)



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