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Concert Season


Jazz MPA- Excellent


S&E Results:
22 Superiors

12 Excellents

6 Goods

Emerald WAVE -Superior


State Bound Performers- Melissa Cowan (Flute Solo), Darnell Lee (trombone Solo), CATaclysm Sax Ensemble (Forrest Andre, Ben Draime, Chris Candreva, David Schoenfeldt), Julia Kelchner (Rifle Solo), Meosha Polk (Flag Solo), Emerald WAVE Colorguard.



Concert MPA Results: Excellent





Marching Season



Congratulations FHS band on a Superior Performance at North Marion!!!

Music: Superior

Marching and Manuevering: Superior

General Effect: Superior

Drum Major: Superior

Percussion: Superior

Aux.: Superior

Overall: Superior

2nd place in class 1A




Congratulations FHS on your Superior Performance at FBA!!!

Music 1: Superior

Music 2: Superior

Marching and Manuevering: Superior

General Effect: Superior

Percussion: Excellent

Auxiliary: Superior


Overall Rating: Superior




Congratulations to the FHS Band on your performance at West Port HS on 10/19.  Caption Results were as follows:

Music: Excellent

Marching and Manuevering: Excellent

General Effect: Excellent

Drum Major: Excellent

Percussion: Excellent

Aux.: Excellent

Overall: Excellent


Class and Division Placement:

2nd Place in Class 1A

3rd Place in Class 1A and 2A

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