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-Congrats to the newest members of the FHS Jazz Ensemble:

Isaiah Smith, trumpet

Leyton Knight, trumpet

Clark Tiller, trombone

Dominic Helms, trombone

Brianna Wilson, trombone

Colin McAdams, trombone

Christopher Graham, saxophone

Owen Johnson- Bari Sax

Evan Batsel- Bass

Congratulations to the following students on their District S&E Performances:

Autumn Stoner- Flute Solo- Superior (State Eligible)

Autumn Stoner- Tenor Sax Solo- Superior (State Eligible)

Leah Bell- Flute Solo- Superior (State Eligible)

Zoie Mille and Olivia Rou- Flute Duet- Superior

Makaila Rutter- Clarinet Solo- Excellent

Richard Brassell- Alto Sax Solo- Superior (State Eligible)

Zach Vickerman- Alto Sax Solo- Superior (State Eligible)

Sax Quartet- Superior (State Eligible)

Rocky Vaughn- Trumpet Solo- Superior (State Eligible)

Hailee Stephens- Horn Solo- Excellent

Dominic Helms- Euphonium Solo- Excellent

Caleb Westgate- Mallet Solo- Superior

Blake Barnes- Mallet Solo- Superior (State Eligible)

Wendy Kaleta- Mallet Solo- Superior (State Eligible)

Preston Breeden and Sebastian Harrer- Perc. Duet- Superior (State Eligible)

Madison Ballina and Paul Borowski- Perc Duet- Superior

Percussion Ensemble 1- Superior (State Eligible)

Percussion Ensemble 2- Superior

Madison Ballina- Flag Solo- Superior (State Eligible)

Allison Hale- Flag Solo- Superior (State Eligible)

Emerald WAVE Colorguard- Superior (State Eligible)

-Congratulations to the following students on being selected for the All County Honor Band:

Autumn Stoner

Gabrielle Sumalbag

Madison Shorb

Rylee Esto

Makaila Rutter

Richard Brassell

Atheina Vasquez

Bradley Hitchcock

Van Whitehouse

Rocky Vaughn

Matias Colen

Hailee Stephens

Giulianna Leon

Clark Tiller

Madilynn Neumann

Mason Shorb

Kaden Evans

Colin McAdams

Blake Barnes

-Congrats to the following for being selected for the All District Jazz Band:

Richard Brassell- Lead Alto Sax

Zach Vickerman- Tenor Sax 3

Van Whitehouse- Lead Trumpet

Giulianna Leon- Trombone 2

-Congratulations to the following students who were selected for All District Band:

Autumn Stoner

Leah Bell

Madison Shorb

Richard Brassell

Zach Vickerman

Bradley Hitchcock

Matias Colen

Van Whitehouse

Rocky Vaughn

Giulianna Leon

Mason Shorb

Blake Barnes

-Congratulations to our trumpet player, Matias Colen, for being named to the 11-12 FMEA All State Symphonic Band!

-Congratulations to our Percussion Captain, Blake Barnes, for being named a National Merit Finalist!!!!!

-Congrats to the newest members of the FHS Jazz Ensemble:

Van Whitehouse, trumpet

Matias Colen, trumpet

Tony Altobello, trumpet

John Bucher, trumpet

Audrey Fenton, trumpet

Nathaniel Mobley, trombone

Mason Shorb, trombone

Haley Trask, saxophone

Olivia Laserna, piano

Angel Gauntlett- Guitar

-Congratulations to the following students on their performances at S&E II:

Ava Robinson and Autumn Stoner- Flute Duet- Performed for Comments

Leah Bell- Flute Solo- Superior

Madison Shorb- Oboe solo- Superior

Hunter Ancelet and Richard Brassell- Clarinet Duet- Superior

Rylee Esto, Brianna Wenk, Mikaila Rutter- Clarinet trio- Superior

Zach Vickerman- Alto Sax Solo- Superior

Ethan Wood- French Horn Solo- Excellent

Hailee Stephens- French Horn Solo- Superior

Rocky Vaughn- trumpet Solo- Excellent

Kaylee Moon- trumpet Solo- Performed for Comments

Bradley Hitchcock- trumpet Solo- Superior

Rocky Vaughn, Tony Altobello, Hailee Stephens, Madilynn Neumann- Brass Quartet- Excellent

Madilynn Neumann- Euphonium Solo- Excellent

Kaden Evans- Tuba Solo- Superior

Tulee Matthews- String Bass Solo- Excellent

-Congrats to all our students who performed at State S&E!!

State S&E results:

Autumn Stoner: Flute Solo- Superior

Aidan Benjamin- Euphonium Solo- Superior

Richard Brassell- Alto Saxophone Solo- Excellent

Damon Seiler- Baritone Saxophone Solo: Excellent

Blake Barnes and Jacob Garcia- Percussion Duet- Excellent

Selena Trujillo-Page- Xylophone Solo- Superior w/ Distinction (given when a student received a Superior rating while performing their piece from memory)

Richard Brassell, Damon Seiler, Autumn Stoner, Zach Vickerman- Sax Quartet- Superior

Nova Luby-  Rifle solo- Excellent
Alice Schieble – Sabre Solo- Excellent

Haley Dotten- Rifle Solo- Excellent
Rhylie Fowler- Flag Solo- Excellent
Emerald WAVE- Superior

- Very proud of the FHS Band in all their hard work and prep for Concert MPA, even though it was not the results we were aiming for, sometimes in live performance things do not always go according to plan. keep pushing and take this learning opportunity with you as you move forward!

-Solo and Ensemble results:

Autumn Stoner- Flue Solo- Superior (State Eligible)
Leah Bell- Flute Solo- Excellent
Gabby Sumalbag -Flute Solo- Superior
Zianna Thompson-Etienne- Clarinet Solo- Excellent
Richard Brassell- Alto Sax Solo- Superior (State Eligible)
Haley Trask- Alto Solo- Superior
Damon Seiler- Bari Sax Solo- Superior (State Eligible)
Sax Quartet- Superior (State Eligible)
Amelia Baderschneider- trumpet solo- Superior (State Eligible)
Aidan Benjamin- Euphonium Solo- Superior (State Eligible)
Selena Trujillo- Page- Xylophone Solo- Superior (State Eligible)
Blake Barnes and Jacob Garcia- Percussion Duet- Superior (State Eligible)
Preston Breeden- Percussion Solo- Excellent
Percussion Ensemble (Dance of the Swan)- Superior
Percussion Ensemble- (Escape Artist)- Superior
Nova Luby-  Rifle solo- Superior (State Eligible)
Alice Schieble – Sabre Solo- Superior (State Eligible)
Haley Dotten- Rifle Solo- Superior (State Eligible)
Rhylie Fowler- Flag Solo- Superior (State Eligible)
Emerald WAVE- Superior (State Eligible)

-Jazz MPA results

Jazz Band received Straight Superiors from all three judges, 1 of only 4 bands to accomplish this over the course of the two days


- Here are Links for Virtual Performances by different groups from the FHS Music Department during the 2020 lockdown:

FHS Sax Ensemble -


FHS Canto Chorus-


FHS Brass Ensemble-


FHS Jazz Band-


2024-2025 Band Leadership Team:

Drum Majors: Giulianna Leon & Bradley Hitchcock

Band Captain: Kaden Evans

QuarterMaster: Olivia Rou & Madilynn Neumann

Drum Captain: Caleb Westgate

Section Leaders:

Flutes- Leah Bell
FL. Lieutenant- Gabby Sumalbag

Clarinet: Makaila Rutter

Saxophone: Atheina Vasquez

Trumpets: Bradley Hitchcock

Tpt. Lieutenant: Tony Altobello

Horns: Audrey Fenton

Trombones: Giulianna Leon

Baritones-Madilynn Neumann

Tubas- Kaden Evans

Percussion Lieutenant: Preston Breeden (Battery), Katherine Pogiatzis (Front Ensemble)

Color Guard- Madison Ballina

Librarians: Gabby Sumalbag (Lead), Makaila Rutter, Mason Shorb, Maria Melvin, Zoie Miller, Preston Breeden

Historian: Gabby Sumalbag

Gold Team: 

Tony Altobello, Johnny Bucher, Nathaniel Mobley, Dominic Helms, Katherine Pogiatzis, Mason Shorb, Oliva Laserna, Sebastian Harrer

(De Facto Members) Giulianna Leon, Bradley Hitchcock, Kaden Evans, Caleb Westgate

 Ratings for the 2023-2024 Season

Ocala Marching Festival:

Music- Superior

Visual- Excellent

General Effect- Superior

Drum Major- Distinguished

Colorguard- Superior

Percussion- Superior

Overall: 2nd Place in Class 3A


Best in Class General Effect

1st Runner-Up Large Band Division (3A and 4A)


Music 1: Superior

Music 2: Superior

Visual: Superior

General Effect: Superior

Colorguard:  Superior

Percussion: Excellent

Overall: Superior

Jazz MPA:

Judge 1:  Superior

Judge 2:  Superior

Judge 3:  Superior

Concert MPA:

Judge 1: Superior

Judge 2: Superior

Judge 3: Superior

 Sight-reading:  Superior

State Jazz:

Judge 1:  Superior

Judge 2:  Superior

Judge 3:  Superior

FHS Officer retreat at West Port Competition 2013
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