- Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Band Leadership team!

-Due to Covid-19 restriction, many events have been  altered for this school year. Check the calendar or email Mr. Jones for specifics if you have questions.

- Here are Links for Virtual Performances by different groups from the FHS Music Department:

FHS Sax Ensemble -


FHS Canto Chorus-


FHS Brass Ensemble-


FHS Jazz Band-


-Congrats to the FHS Concert Band on your straight Superior rated performance at Concert MPA!

-Congratulations for the FHS Faze2 Jazz Combo and the FHS Viridian Big Band on Straight Superiors at Jazz MPA!

-FHS had 15 students make the All-District Honor Band. See list below for all students that made it.

-Congratulations to Michael Jagiello for making the All-State Concert Band

-Congratulations to the FHS Band on their Superior Performance at FBA!!!!

-Congratulation to the FHS Band on being Name Grand Champion of the Ocala Marching Band Festival @ WPHS! Best of Luck at FBA!




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FHS Officer retreat at West Port Competition 2013
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2021-2022 Band Leadership Team:

Drum Majors: Grace Alfrey & Lizzie Laserna

Band Captain: Gio Robinson-Santiago

QuarterMaster: Camila Baldonado

Drum Captain: Nico Montiero

Section Leaders:

Flutes- Grace Alfrey

Saxes- Ian Jeppesen

Woodwind Lieutenant: Carter Mc Donald

Trumpets: Gio Robinson-Santiago and Lizzie Laserna

Horns: Ethan Wood

Trombones- Hillary Neumann

Low Brass- Camila Baldonado and Aiden Benjamin

Percussion Lieutenant: Madison Lee

Color Guard- Bailey Peterson

Librarians: Madison Shorb, Ian Jeppesen, Autumn Stoner

Gold Team: Camila Baldonado, Mia Gonzalez-Pardo,  Richard Brassell, Cici Arena, Madison Shorb, Autumn Stoner, Carter McDonald, Madison Lee, Nico Montiero, Hailee Stephens

2020 All-District Honor Band

Lexi Soucy

Amber Weisgarber

Caleb Vargo

Ra'Vin Woods

Madison Perkins

Nadia Hansen

Ian Jeppesen

Tristan Burgess

McKynzie Mullins

Michael Jagiello

Ed Berk

Alex Rooks

Jordan Givens

Hayley Kyle

Eric Steyn

Marching Season 2019

Ocala Marching Festival @ WPHS Results:

Music Caption:  Sup

Marching Caption: Sup

GE Caption: Sup

Percussion Caption: Exc 

Guard Caption: Sup

Drum Major Caption: Sup

 Overall: Superior

Caption Awards:

Best in Class Music

Best in Class Visual

Best in Class GE

Best in Class Percussion

1st Place in Class 3A

Grand Champion of Small Bands Competition (1A - 3A)

FBA Marching Festival Results:

Music 1- Sup

Music 2- Sup

M&M- Sup

GE- Sup

Percussion- Sup

Auxiliary- Sup

Overall- Superior

Kingdom of the Sun Marching Competition (North Marion)

Music Caption: Superior

Marching Caption: Superior

GE Caption: Superior

Percussion Caption: Superior

Guard Caption: Superior

Drum Major Caption: Distinguished

 Overall-  Superior

Caption Awards: Best in Class Auxiliary, Best in Class GE

Concert Season 2020


Jazz MPA:

Big Band- Superior

Combo- Superior


Aux MPA- Superior


Concert MPA Results

Judge 1- Superior

Judge 2- Superior

Judge 3- Superior

Sightreading- Superior

Overall: Superior


Lexi Soucy Flute Solo*- Superior

Alyssa Klein- Flute solo- Excellent

Grace and Lexi Flute Duet- Superior

Brandon Parodi- Clarinet Solo- Superior

Clarinet Quartet 1- Disqualified

Clarinet Quartet 2- Excellent

Ian Jeppesen- Alto Solo*- Superior

Miles King- Alto Solo*- Superior

Tristan Burgess- tenor Solo*- Superior

Sax Quartet*- Superior

Michael Jagiello- trumpet Solo*- Superior

Gio Robinson-Santiago- trumpet Solo*- Superior

Enrique Moncada- trumpet Solo- Excellent

Kaylee Moon- trumpet Solo- Superior

Elizabeth Laserna- Trumpet Solo- Superior

Giordan Leone- Trumpet Solo- Superior

Aiden Benjamin- trumpet Solo- Excellent

MacKenzie Seamen- trumpet Solo- Excellent

Ethan Oliver- trumpet Solo- Excellent

Trumpet Quintet- Excellent

Luke Wachtveitl- French Horn Solo- Superior

Brass Quintet*- Superior

Alex Rooks- trombone Solo- Superior

Trombone Quartet*- Superior

Caelan McCleery- Euphonium Solo- Superior

Camila Baldonado- Tuba Solo- Excellent

Hayley Kyle- Tuba Solo*- Superior

Eric Steyn- Snare Solo*- Superior

Mary Clemmons- Vibraphone Solo- Superior

Ethan Dean- Multi-percussion Solo- Good

Jose Oropeza- Snare Solo- Disqualified

Jose and Adella- Mallet Duet- Excellent

Jacob and Michael- Percussion Duet- Excellent

Percussion  Ensemble- Superior

Cici Arena- Flag Solo- Excellent