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   David Fritz was a graduate of Forest High School and was a student under the direction of Mr. Doug Scott. Mr. Fritz attended the University of Florida, majoring in Music Education on trombone. Upon graduation, he returned to Forest High School as his first teaching job in the Fall of 1981. Mr. Fritz continued many of the traditions of excellence held by his previous band director, Mr. Scott, as well as his former Drum Major at UF, Mr. Hess. During his time, he expanded the role of the stage band in the music curriculum. Many alumni talk about the early 80's being the peak point of camaraderie and sense of community for the FHS Band program thanks to the work of Mr. Fritz and his successor, Mr. Bob Allen.


   In 1983, after a period of two years, Mr Fritz left Forest High School to pursue other music endeavours. In 1984, he returned to teaching and took over at Hawthorne Jr./Sr. High. He then went on to become the Associate Band Director and Choral Instructor at Lake Weir HS in 1987. He worked alongside John Leschak in growing the LWHS program for several years. He moved to Dunnellon Middle School in 1998 to be able to spend more time with his children at home. He made his final move to Fort King Middle school in 2002, taking over for former FHS director Mr. Bob Allen upon his retirement. After 38 years of teaching music in Marion county, Mr. Fritz retired in 2019. Hundreds of students in marion county over the years have been introduced to music through Mr. Fritz and many have fond memories of their time under his direction. After a brief transition period after Mr. Scott's departure, Mr. Fritz was seen as a welcome and familiar face to the FHS program that could bring back some of the spirit and energy to the program.

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