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Gerald Maglio

   Gerald Maglio was born and raised in New York. He attended the University of Connecticut majoring in Pre-med, having always had an interest in Audiology. He then attended Texas Western (now University of Texas- El Paso) to study music. He attended Tampa University where he received his Masters of Music degree and began his teaching career at Lake Weir High School in 1963.


   Mr. Maglio took over as the director at the newly renamed Forest High School for the 1970 school year. With the construction and completion of Vanguard High School, it was decided to retire the name of "Ocala High" to allow the two city schools to be on equal footing moving into the future. A naming committee was formed and decided on Forest High School. Mr. Maglio took over for Harry Grant Jr, who oversaw the band programs during the split sessions the year prior. Unfortunately, enrollment declined with the splitting of the program and the departure of Mr. Grant. Mr. Maglio was left with a program of about 12 students. Though enrollment was down, Mr. Maglio was able to bring together the remaining students to form a Jazz Lab Band, a form of jazz-rock combo,  and continue to perform at many functions that  school year.

   At the end of the school year, Mr. Maglio left Forest and took over as director at Osceola Middle School. Mr. Maglio, through the 1970's, would hold summer music camps at various elementary schools to give incoming middle school students a better foundation upon entering band in middle school. He returned to Forest High School in 1975 as a math teacher while attending the University of Florida for his PhD in Speech and Hearing. He became a Speech Pathologist and Audiologist in 1980 and continued working for Marion County until 1996. During this same time, he owned and operated the Florida Hearing Center in Ocala. Both he and his wife, Judy, worked for Marion County Public Schools for over 30 years. Mr. Maglio passed away in 2000.

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