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Guitar FAQ
Q: Do I Need my Own Guitar?
A: Yes, you will need to purchase your own guitar as we are not able to provide guitars for this class. Guitar Center, Sound Exchange, and Parramore Music are some on the Ocala Shops that we recommend you look based on past student/parent experiences.

Q: Do I need to bring my guitar on the first day?
A: No, we will not be using guitars the first few weeks as classes adjust and settle. Also, not everyone may have access to a guitar immediately. Usually by the 2nd or 3rd week of school we will need to have guitar in class.

Q: Do I have to carry my guitar around with me?
A: MCPS School safety guidelines prohibit students carrying guitar cases around campus. We do have a storage room that Guitar can be stored in during the day and can be picked up in the afternoon. If you leave campus before dismissal at the end of the day (OJT, Dual Enrollment, etc) Guitars can be stored in the front office after class and picked up on your way out.

Q: Do I already need to know how to play guitar to be in this class?
A: Our Guitar class is designed as an Introduction to guitar and is primarily aimed at beginners. So No Experience is needed.

Q: Do I need a case?
A:Yes, and it really should be a hard case. With over 20 guitar being stored in a small area, it is inevitable that something will get knocked over. Soft cases do not offer enough protection in this scenario and will likely lead to a broken guitar. Guitars without cases cannot be stored on campus.

Q:Do you provide strings for replacement?
A:we are not able to keep strings in stock to replace broken strings on guitars. We will, however teach you how to restring your guitar and help you as needed if you bring in your own replacement strings.

Q: Will I have to play in front of people?
A:Guitar is a performing arts class where "performance" is part of the assessment process. This has included in the past in-class performance in front of the class, performances with the instructor, public performances on campus, and performances at the music department concerts. A public performance of some kind is an essential part of this class and should be considered when choosing this course.

If you have other questions, please feel free ot email me at
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